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I have been stitching forever it seems and now do this just for pleasure,My DH and I are retired so I have lots of time for my hobbies--sewing Gardening and walking my dog. Have 4 grand-kids aged from 18 to 11 One lives in Australia and the others are very close to where we live. Hope to contribute more thru this blog. Kiwi Jan New Zealand

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Quilts for the Little ones

The quilting club I belong to Pinestream  Quilters in Upper Hutt NZ  makes quilts for the Neo Natal Unit at our local Hospital. The size is small 26 x28 or round about. They must have polyester batting for ease of washing, One can use scraps for these, 
This year I made several some of the scraps came from my quilting friends also members at Pinestream.... They are all made from scraps or left over blocks or when I was over zealous cutting squares.

The start of my Scrap quilts. Controlled or ...

When I finish making a quilt I save all the scraps together in plastic bags... Sometimes there are lots of scraps left sometimes not so many so I have big kitchen bags and small kitchen bags stacked amongst my collection of fabrics. I don't have a stash ..I have a collection of fabrics I could not leave in the shop...
I do try and keep the scraps colour controlled as well.... Reds pinks,pale, or dark all go together ..greens bright and dark are together... Black and white..whites and black they all have a plastic bag to keep,them under control. 
Also in these bags I add unused blocks,(what I made too many blocks),strips and squares anything that is over 1 inch. When these bags are stacked together one can see what colours will go together...like pink and purple... Or Autumn colours... This is where I start looking for my next scrap quilt. 
 Now I  can see here I have enough in this dull Autumn coloured bag for a quilt but to me it needs some zing...maybe the green will do... Or ....who knows ..I have a scrap quilt very uncorordinated colours nearly finished on Fudge then I will work on this one ... Watch this space.