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I have been stitching forever it seems and now do this just for pleasure,My DH and I are retired so I have lots of time for my hobbies--sewing Gardening and walking my dog. Have 4 grand-kids aged from 18 to 11 One lives in Australia and the others are very close to where we live. Hope to contribute more thru this blog. Kiwi Jan New Zealand

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back to bags

My latest creation--same pattern different colours  I know whose mane is on this bag --sorry not telling.

My Garden 2011

When I am not stitching I am busy in my garden-- I love to potter  I call it doing the dusting-- weeds do not florish in my garden--- Right now the garden is full of lush spring growth --nasty winds wreck havoc at times with soft stems -- especially the Roses --but that gardening!!.
                                           Trellis between neighbours

                                     Bird bath and a delightful old fashioned rose with a delicious scent 

                                                   Another trellis between other neighbours

                                                     A favourite  Burgandy Iceburg

                                       Looking down the side towards our back patio
                                        Guem growing thru Iceburg front garden

                                        Climbing Rose first flower on front trellis

                                              Such a wee beauty  front garden

                                   Delightful Apricot Rose a prolific flowerer

At the front door for the second year a $4 Gerbera such a vibrant colour

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my garden

Orange bag for LS

Hi all when I sent a photo of my Orange bag to my sister she said how mean I was to show her all these photos of bags and none were for her-- Well one cant have her LS saying her BS is a meanie so here is the bag for my LS.The sides are different fabric   then the original --now I am making two more for xmas pressies.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Orange Bag.

Today was a good day-- and I finished my orange bag. Must say its bigger then I expected  my DH said I would have no trouble filling it--LOL!!
Now what is next on the stitching list!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Orange bag progress

Today I planned to have a good day stitching--I did manage to have a few hours  and have made progress with my orange bag. Lots of work in this bag the black n white is only pinned on --I needed to see what it looked like- Hope to stitch again tomorrow afternoon

New bag

Friday last week a friend took me to Kilbirnie to the Janome shop--no not to buy a new machine-- June had several machines  from a group she runs that needed repairs-- I went for the ride-- Now this shop has a very good selection of fabric  and I did --do not have a bag with orange in it --sooooooooo guess what I looked for and found
The bag is all cut out and I have started stitching it  I should really be making Artist Trading Cards but this bag is calling  watch this space.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Luscious Lime

Lime green is a favourite colour and I had these bright threads I felt would show up well on the L/L. /
Soooooo I played around and this is the result
and a close up of the Applique

and its ever so much brighter then the photo.So I have been busy over the last 8 weeks. Now what will I do next-- 

Further update on my Knee

Its all good the cast is off and my knee muscles are starting to re build yippee can drive again but not too far can't kneel yet  no scrubbing the floors LOL.
Over the last 7 weeks I have made good use of my resting time-- Lots of handwork finished and in the last week managed to stitch with Fudge again --
I hand quilted my Turning Twenty quilt and must admit to being really pleased with it.It is actually brighter then this picture

I also finished off numerous Place mats using all the scraps from the Turning Twenty Quilt there is another set as well sorry no photo of them
Then when I was able to use Fudge I finished making this set
and the Pinny that goes with it-- ok how does one turn a photo?
 So that finished all the partly sewn before I had that fall!!!
What next I wonder?