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I have been stitching forever it seems and now do this just for pleasure,My DH and I are retired so I have lots of time for my hobbies--sewing Gardening and walking my dog. Have 4 grand-kids aged from 18 to 11 One lives in Australia and the others are very close to where we live. Hope to contribute more thru this blog. Kiwi Jan New Zealand

Monday, July 28, 2014


Today's blog is not about Fudge my Janome 6500, which I sew enjoy, it is about my first attempt at a wholecloth quilt. 
I  have always enjoyed handquilting and have many quilts finished this way...Why I have never attempted a Wholecloth before I have no idea.
I belong to a group ..Celebrate Handquilting...such inspiration ....
As quilters do I was able to help another quilter out with something she wanted to try and in return was offered a small Wholecloth marked by this quilter...her pattern..
 Oh yes please says Kiwi Jan...
The quilt is not big 40 x 40 inches  that is..
After much debate I purchased some Auriful Mako 28 thread  in several shades to hopefully match the colour of the Wholecloth ...one was just what I needed, I am sure I will use the other threads I purchased sometime!
Just need to batt it up and ready to go. 
I started in the middle as one does and here is the middle quilted...

The photo is a little off colour the top is looking good.
The next area to quilt is the crosshatching and then the floral middle border 

The colour here is more true...the first crosshatching is half the width of the crosshatching on the other side of the floral border... 
The next border is a wide feathered border... 

I have one side and a half to finish this feather border and then another small border of crosshatching to finish it off...maybe another few weeks... 
I am enjoying the process and pleased with how it's looking...
The batting is Quilters Dream Wool sent to me by a friend from Florida this batting is super to quilt..the needle glides thru very easy.
I do not rock the needle but stitch one stitch at a time ..down and back up once makes my stitch...no pressure on my fingers or thumbs trying to rock a needle but must admit to many finger pricks...... I use a hoop as you can see in the first photo.
Must do something about the photos ...how to make them look the same colour...
More as I progress....
Thanks for looking 
Kiwi Jan 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cold day ...catching up

Hello again...  We are now looking at my stitching efforts for .2014, well some of them.. I like to have small  projects to take with me when I go out stitching ..or just for a little light relief ..I love these and have made a few... 
 They are quite addictive and I have a little box of then tucked away for..........

My special friend in the States has moved house and her new colour scheme includes grey..I had a little book made to send her and then made a journal cover as well...
The little book sits inside the cover ..the bird is collage made a while back from a serviette she sent me.
 Front of the cover lots of hand work on this ..the lace and fabric was painted to get the shade of grey I wanted  a real fun project 

Back of the cover... I believe it sits on a bookcase  looking pretty ..to nice to use I am told..
But holds special photos and memoriablia .... So I am told.
 Next post will be my quilting both machine and hand.
Thanks for reading  this far...

Hello hello hello again

Carrying on from my last post a few minutes ago this time it was helping  my granddaughter Danielle with her gifts... Danielle has sat beside me watching me sewing or many years she has her own machine now but prefers to use Fudge..my Janome 6500  which she can handle well with the speed turned down .. 
This is the Wine carrier Dannielle made for her mum ..goes with the green oven cloth and place mat in the previous post 
Didn't she do well..another of Danielle's stitching efforts a rug mat again for her mum..I did help a little with this one ....
Front view or is it back...
Danielle also sews at school and she made this for me...

Not sure what they call him..maybe potato head... He sits on my bed 
More to come 

Hello hello hello..

It has been a long time since I last blogged no real excuse ...I have been busy stitching by hand and with Fudge... Christmas tags, gifts, bags, surprise surprise... Quilts, even some handquilting...more on the handquilting later. 
I made these little tags for Christmas and they were well received by family and friends with plan backs to write names on ...I know several will hand on Christmas trees.

As usual before Christmas is a busy time making gifts for family and friends .. Oven cloths, pot holders, placemats for benches ...loved the green ones I made for Julie 
Some of my friends have 4 feet... Can't forget them at Christmas they love ripping Xmas paper from their gifts.. 
I also made these for the 4 footers 

The larger of the balls was not for a 4 footed friend, my new grandniece has the pink red one..Aniela  loves it .. Fudge did not help me with these..all made by hand..
How's this for a start more to come and thanks for looking