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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Janome challenge

On the Janome challenge forum one of our challenges was to use take your initials [ two] mine are JC,  find two fabrics whose names started with the same initials as your own  and make something using just those two fabrics. or use your initials and find a colour that started with them.

Would you believe almost every piece of fabric in my collection did not have a name. Find a colour that started with J!!!! C was easy Cream comes to mind.

OK lets go shopping and this is what I came up with.

Fabric for pin cushions J and C

I chose the black and white and the coloured stripes and decided to make a pin cushion. One can never have too many pin cushions ---can they!!

Pin cushion for Janome Challenge

These Janome challenges –are one every month and sometimes we have little ones in between . The challenge is to actually do these  we are not judged in any way but have to complete so many challenges each year to stay in the Forum.One learns such a lot when involved in these challenges.

again thanks for looking.

Kiwi Jan and Fudge.

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