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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Turning Twenty Quilts

Kia ora friends I have been asked to blog about my turning Twenty Quilts…I have so far made two.

A couple of years ago my quilting club..Pinestream Quilters from Upper Hutt had a club day and one of the classes was the Turning Twenty Quilt. This quilt required 20 fat quarters or in my case I used 16.

Off to Spotlight I went for the fabrics….great summer colours orange, teals ,green, blue ,Lemon ,brown, spots, stripes, florals, geometric patterns and believe it or not it only took me ten yes ten minutes to choose these fabrics.

The pattern and method was supplied to us on the day but if you use your favourite search engine you will find lots of info available on the net.

There is a lot of cutting required as each block has 11 pieces to it… once cut there is a special way of taking fabric from each different cut to make up a block…each block will have one piece of each  fabric used, different sizes and in a different place in the block.

The block is made up into 4 units then joined to make one large block..approx 16 x 16.

I made my quilt using 16 blocks.

When joining the blocks together each block is turned a different way the the one next to it…hence the name Turning Twenty…

I hand quilted mine using a big stitch and pearl Cotton in all sorts of different colours….I quilted half a block going up and dwon and the other half across..this gave a very nice textured look.

Now for the photo.DSC01429

showing top corner the peg is where the block joined to the next one


this is a very summery quilt just love the end result

My second Turning Twenty is quite different in colouring…more subtle  it has been quilted the same .big stitch using brown pearl cotton number 8.

as DSC01433I wanted that same textured look

and here is  part of the back showing off the label


Thanks for checking out my blog

fudge and kiwi Jan

Jan Cotton


  1. Nice to see you back - and those great quilts - hope you are over your recent cold?

    1. Thanks June re the cough and cold.....still here, not nice at all.