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I have been stitching forever it seems and now do this just for pleasure,My DH and I are retired so I have lots of time for my hobbies--sewing Gardening and walking my dog. Have 4 grand-kids aged from 18 to 11 One lives in Australia and the others are very close to where we live. Hope to contribute more thru this blog. Kiwi Jan New Zealand

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to Fudge and I

As you may have guessed I like making things.I was a dressmaker many moons ago..and made manymany  dresses, skirts , blouses, trousers, you name it I made it...now I make things I like to make not have to make.
My sister had a significant birthday this year and the family gave her a notebook with all attachments as a combined birthday present...naturally I had to make a bag type cover to keep it in. Margaret is a animal lover so what could be better then a pink laughing cat bag...
Here it is shut and below it's showing the notebook tucked away safe inside
 No it's not the notebook it's my iPad inside just trying it for size.
Of course the notebook would not sit on the table just how it was needed ..again to the rescue came Fudge and Kiwi Jan...
iPad notebook stands 
Of course my sister chose the one with the cats on...the other one went to live with my niece. 
Not the easiest to make but very useful.
Thanks for checking out my blog.


  1. Welcome back PJ - is the stand much more difficult than your bag to make? I could do with one - maybe a class and I could be a guineapig?? :)

  2. Just one part is difficult we shall have a lesson.